North Sinai (September 2019)

Successfully increasing gas production from ONS concession to 80 MMSCF/D after Kamose project commissioning.

MOG is too close to achieve the plan to ramp up gas production up to 100 MMSCF/D. The plan was to drill four wells back to back from the current Mobilized Offshore Production Unit (MOPU).

The first two wells of Camoes project (KS-2 and KM-1) are successfully drilled, and the third well (KS-1) was spud on 19th of August 2019.

KS-2 well started up on Jul 13, 2019 with initial gas production rate of 26.8 MMSCF/D, while KM-1 started up on Aug 29, 2019 with initial rate of 20 MMSCF/D. Plan to develop all Pliocene prospects distributed among the Tao & Camoes development leases by drilling another 10 wells.

Plan to drill an exploration deep well targeting the Pre-Messiaen potential that already proved by many adjacent discoveries.

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