MOG Energy is an independent hydrocarbon exploration and production company. For more than 15 years, MOG energy successfully run its operations through its subsidiaries offshore North Sinai Inc. in Egypt and SSTO in South Sudan.

Offshore North Sinai Inc. ONS

Offshore North Sinai Inc. is the sole operator since 2014 and owns the whole stake in Offshore North Sinai (ONS) Development Lease in the east Mediterranean Sea, offshore Egypt.
The strategy for developing the scattered sized gas reservoirs & applying the best practice Exploration and production techniques in operating these reservoirs; led ONS to sale gas 85 BCF to Egyptian domestic market since 2014.
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depending on the current onshore and offshore facilities in east med.
mog energy has unlimited potential to be a gas facilitation hub.

15 year as strategic partner in one of the giant African oil field with total resources up 7000 mmstb

SSTO – South Sudan Tri Ocean

MOG Energy owns a 5% stake in block 3/7 in the State of South Sudan through its subsidiary SSTO and in partnership with CNPC, PETRONAS and SINOPIC since 2006.
Block 7/3 has a commercial hydrocarbon reserves of 1,300 million barrels of oil distributed over more than ten fields. From 2006 DPOC has produced a total volume of oil equals to 850 million barrels from 720 wells.
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MOG Energy Exploration and Production Vision

As long as ONS has a strategic location in East Med, MOG has unlimited potential to be a gas facilitation hub in that area depending on the current offshore facilities and onshore Sinai center processing plant. Based on the experience gained in the East Med region, MOG looks forward to expand our presence in the Middle East and Africa. We are actively seeking to add to our portfolio numerous onshore and offshore ventures, either as a partner or as an operator.