Expanding our portfolio represents an essential component of our growth strategy

MOG Energy is working collaboratively with the Government of Egypt towards adding a new area to the existing Offshore North Sinai development lease in the light of the successful journey in the Eastern Mediterranean as an operator since 2014. MOG Energy is focusing on using its readily available offshore and onshore facilities nearby the East […]

MOG Energy boosted by three successful Gas discoveries

MOG Energy is pleased to announce three gas discoveries in Offshore North Sinai Concession after drilling challenging three offshore wells within Pliocene Kafr El Sheikh formation using El Qaher-1 Rig. The first well “KNW-1” was drilled in June 2021, and successfully penetrated 57 m Net Pay gas. The second well “KSW-1” was drilled in July […]

COVID-19 Response Actions

MOG’s top priority is the health and safety of its people, MOG’s staff will continue to work at full capacity taking extra-ordinary actions as the world learns to deal with COVID-19 pandemic. MOG has applied all roles to address this crisis and support the critical role of business such as: Testing for COVID-19 antibodies to […]

North Sinai (June 2020)

Following the roles of the Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (EGAS) to reduce the production of gas fields to make a balance in the national network’s pressure, MOG’s current gas production is 80 million cubic feet per day (MMSCF/D). Despite the critical time of COVID-19 pandemic, MOG continues working in the Phase-3 project making good […]

North Sinai (January 2020)

The 2nd phase of the project, namely Kamose, was successfully completed by drilling 4 wells from the MOPU platform reaching a daily production rate of 80 MMscfd with a capacity to produce up to 100 MMscfd. As far as the upcoming phase is concerned, Phase-3 will consist of 8 wells of which the concept of […]