MOG Energy is a multinational energy company, active in oil and gas exploration & production. Headquartered in Cairo, we are harnessing our experience and dedication to build one of the Middle East and North Africa’s first vertically-integrated energy companies. Currently MOG has assets in Egypt, Syria (Force Majeure)and South-Sudan.

Since our establishment in July 2006, we have successfully achieved a number of milestones, underscoring the success of our chosen strategy.

A number of successful exploration and production projects in partnership with industry leaders have firmly established our reputation in the competitive upstream market, including partnerships with BP, CNPC, Nilepet, IPR, Petronas, Sinopec, and the Royal Dutch Shell.

Chairman & CEO
Eng. Raafat El-Beltagy


At MOG Energy, we have placed three values at the core of our business, defining our character and shaping our culture. These values guide our everyday decisions and behaviour ensuring we keep the interest of all those to whom we are responsible.


We believe in combining the power of teamwork with extensive individual industry experience.
Team power is essential to develop new and innovative solutions to the challenges we face, both within the company as well as in our global partners.


We are committed to deliver on the promises that we make to our customers, partners, and stakeholders.
To meet this commitment, we empower each of our employees to act as owners which enhances our collective ability to deliver.


Each action that we take can have a significant impact on our surrounding environment.
From reducing the natural impact of our projects to the overall health and safety of our workers, we take pride in taking the responsibility to engage in projects that protect and nurture both our community and planet.


Backed by a sound capital structure and shareholders who are dedicated to supporting our success.